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Hard to Kill

Hard to Kill

He's L.A. Detective Mason Storm. Three hired assassins left him for dead. And he's waited seven years to even the score.
Feb 09, 1990 1h 36m
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Mason Storm, a 'go it alone' cop, is gunned down at home. The intruders kill his wife, and think they've killed both Mason and his son too. Mason is secretly taken to a hospital where he spends several years in a coma. His son meanwhile is growing up thinking his father is dead. When Mason wakes up, everyone is in danger - himself, his son, his best friend, his nurse - but most of all those who arranged for his death

Title Hard to Kill
Companies Warner Bros. Pictures, Lee Rich Productions
Countries United States of America
Keywords coma, martial arts, training, vigilante, cop, revenge, organized crime, mafia, undercover cop, hospital, gunfight, los angeles, california, one man army, one against many, urban setting, action hero, vigilante justice